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scram alcohol monitoring

      SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) is a transdermal alcohol monitoring system that is attached to the user in the form of an ankle bracelet.  With increasing frequency in Illinois, courts are requiring people who have been found guilty of Driving Under the Influence to undergo SCRAM monitoring as a condition of their sentence.  In some cases, courts are even requiring a person who has only been charged with and not found guilty of DUI to undergo SCRAM monitoring as a condition of their bond.  This means any violation of SCRAM monitoring could compel the courts to revoke a person's bond and they would have to wait in custody while there case is pending.  In addition to alcohol monitoring, the SCRAM device is also capable of being used to enforce any house arrest conditions that may be required by the court.  

how scram works

     The SCRAM system is a two part system that uses a base station connected to the internet via wireless, ethernet, or a landline connection, and a bracelet that is worn on the user's ankle.  Every 30 minutes, the bracelet will analyze the user's sweat and measure it for any alcohol.  The bracelet saves the information and once a day is required to be synced with the internet capable base station, which then transmits the data to the courts.